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Ten Ways We've Gone Green!

Green IT: The ECO-FRIENDLY Data Center

Our company, administrative workstation and servers have gone through "virtualization" reducing energy consumption 50-70%.

"Free Cooling" utilizes the power of nature few cooling: softens the impact on our electrical air conditioning systems by using separate air handler systems to regulate temperatures throughout the building- for energy savings up to 75% without compromising cooling cooling requirements.

Energy efficient light bulbs are used throughout the facility.

Sensors and timers are used on lighting fixtures.

We Recycle EVERYTHING whether it be the paper used in our offices and work centers or the equipment and parts used in our data center.

We buy recycled paper with a minimum of 50% recycled content.

Earth friendly in-house janitorial and maintenance staff. We use Earth friendly non-toxic cleaning products, fabric cleaning cloths and mops to cut down on waste and keep our carbon footprint to the minimum.

Water-wise Xeriscaping is used in landscaping.

we buy locally produced goods and service when available reducing fossil fuel transportation demands and supporting the local economy.

We use "Energy Star" rated appliances for all new purchases

We encourage our clients to recycle/reuse and "Go Green".

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