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Partnering for Acceleration

This week the team announced the launch of our global partner program, Accelerate!

The launch of the new Partner Program was created by our Chief Strategy Officer, Lauren Trujillo who designed a structure for success in Business Acceleration for both partners and their clients!, Compliance Driven Continuity Campus and Data Center, has been executing a number of business development expansion plans including the recent investment of developing their formalized Global Partner Program. The 100% women-owned, Albuquerque based company made the announcement following a number of recent notable strategic business development moves, in response to increased demand for high bandwidth, hybrid cloud space, well as secure compliant data center locales.

"Developing a formal industry standard- partner focused channel program allows to develop nationwide relationships and expand into markets across the US. We developed this program to allow for partner flexibility and attainable success for any firm or company to achieve success focusing on the overall goal: Growth. This program allows our small business peers to leverage our relationship to stimulate revenue growth.” -Lauren Trujillo.


The Details:

Accelerate includes a wide range of incentives for co-marketing, collaborated campaigns, co-selling and creating recurring revenue streams for both bigbyte and their partners. Solution Providers, consultants and Value Added Resellers of any size can "Accelerate" through the various tiers of the program unlocking competitive incentives for both the partner and their clients. The program includes three tiers- Megabyte, Gigabyte, and Terabyte, as well as a designated "Promoter" program for rewarding referrals.  Aside from the tier incentives, partners can expect consistent communication from the team, critical resources for clients, end-to-end sales support to drive opportunity success, training and sales coaching to drive success in developing opportunities.


The referral program or "Promoter" level of Accelerate allows for flexibility for a variety of participants. From Agents and Brokers who are looking to help clients with creative cost or budget allocation to support virtual operations or one off professionals who sends someone our way!

Gigabyte, Megabyte & Terabyte Tiers:

The three tiered structure allows partners of all sizes to "Accelerate" throughout the program at their own speed. Unlocking marketing campaigns, Marketing Funds for client facing events, collaborated account base marketing campaigns and competitive margins to extend to their clients.

“As we moved to expand our offerings and welcome aboard new talent, companies were forced into digital transformations by COVID19. “Businesses, and individuals are adjusting to the unexpected realization of necessary technology advancement after the recent events of COVID. Many are having to implement solutions and obtain services to support new workplace realities, and is happy to provide those solutions through New Mexico’s only compliance driven data center campus.” - Nerissa Whittington, CEO

bigbyte is dedicated to supporting other businesses to help them with the ability to provide compliance centered solutions to their clients, with full marketing enablement, support through training, strategic sales coaching and hands on end-to-end delivery of the solution.

How do you become an Accelerate Partner?

Any companies, consultants, agents or brokers that are interested in participating, can visit the website to apply for a partnership and get more information! Click here to apply!

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