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Micro-Schooling Groups & Virtual Learning Center at

Schools across the country have re-evaluated the return for students the upcoming 2020-2021 school year. With so much uncertainty surrounding conflicting family schedules, health safety, at home technology resources, and curriculum plans... Parents have started wondering how they will be able to home school their students, work and make sure their children aren't losing critical time or structure in learning. As full time and hybrid virtual re-opening plans were announced across the country parents took to social media to look for support and resources and started getting creative. The most recent buzz words surrounding virtual school study groups and home schooling co-op parents are gravitating towards are community centered #PandemicPods and #MicroSchooling learning groups.

“Parents are planning to share supervision of students during periods of remote learning; in other groups, they’re pooling the money needed to hire a full-time teacher to come to them and work directly with a small group of students the same age." - USA Today

From Micro- Schooling groups and Home schooling co-ops to Virtual Class study group meet up groups have popped up on social media in various neighborhoods, schools, and within classrooms. Parents creating rotating schedules to allow other parents to work, hiring tutors and developing a " learning community" schedule to keep kids on track, motivated and socialized safely.

We have created a Virtual Study Group or "Micro-School" ...Now what?!?

As most parents have already started to learn, while finding participants that are on board with creating these small learning groups of ten students or less, there is more planning to be considered. With 5, 6, or even 10 students in a study group, finding a learning "Pod" or learning center during this pandemic can be difficult. Having students in your house while trying to work, facilitate learning and provide virtual school IT support as they navigate learning tools online can be impossible. Parents have started wondering about their home internet capabilities or providing their students with internet for virtual class, worried about keeping with social distancing to stay healthy within their learning groups and having an environment that allows for uninterrupted learning during Micro School hours.

Virtual Learning Center at

At bigbyte we understand the impact and stress parents are facing while trying to plan for this school year, we also knew we had critical space that could be utilized by learning groups and will provide facilitators and parents with an affordable tech ready learning space.

Our Virtual Learning Center Options:

Secure Campus: At bigbyte we are a 24/7 Secure Data Center Facility. With gated parking, badge only entry, security cameras and guards on site around the clock, our campus is a safe and secure environment to host your group of students.

Learning with Social Distancing in Mind: Learning spaces at bigbyte are large presentation areas and training rooms. These rooms provide plenty of space for your group of 10 students or less to maintain safe distancing while learning as a group.

Virtual Learning Technology Spaces- We are a Data Center and supporting zero downtime- reliable tech operations is what we do! Our facility has high speed WiFi and Broadband available Students can log in on a Chromebook to complete their individual work or watch a virtual session as a class. No Chromebook or Not Enough Devices To Go Around? We are opening up our Tech Ready Training Room to learning groups. The bigbyte Training Reef (as we call it) is fully equipped with computers ready to support your virtual learning students.

What About Parents and Facilitators?

We understand that parents are also trying to navigate virtual and remote work, our facility has private offices open for you to take calls, video conference meetings and not worry about the capabilities of your internet connection while everyone in your learning group and yourself are online.

Contact us for more info:

Since we are a Data Center and not normally a facility for students, we want to open our doors to support these groups who need a secure and reliable learning environment while also keeping health safety and our building tenants and employees in mind. We are limiting class hours to morning and afternoon blocks with cleaning time in between. A parent or facilitator must accompany the group of students of ten or less and provide supervision. We have developed affordable daily rates for groups who need space on an as needed basis but are also extending a monthly membership rate offer to groups who will need to schedule learning center space on a regular basis. Please email our team to find out pricing, availability and get more info.

Download our Flyer here:

Virtual Learning Center Flyer V.Final
Download PD • 2.26MB

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