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Hybrid Collaboration


Hybrid work models are used by 63% of high-growth companies .


 “Synchronous collaboration is great for establishing a rapport and getting to know people. It’s also great for converging on meaning if we have disagreements or need to arrive at a consensus.”

Jaime Teevan,  Microsoft

56% of hiring managers believe that hybrid work arrangements will become the norm in the future.

GITNUX Market Data

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 More and more companies benefit from the more inclusive options offered by hybrid work environments, giving employees more options for when, where, and how to collaborate.

Where and how to collaborate is often the question. provides on-site conference rooms, bright open training environments, as well as thin client training spaces enabled for collaboration.

With WiFi throughout the facility, we can provide that home away from a home office or the necessary team setting for meet-ups and morale.

While the hybrid model allows for flexible work arrangements between multiple locations, including home, the office, and third spaces like libraries and coffee shops, bigbyte provides the options to base your hybrid team in our secure co-working spaces or collaborative environments.

Supporting Your Hybrid Workplace


Training Space

Creating a successful hybrid training on Zoom may not be the best answer.

Oftentimes, synchronous learning is most effective in person with face-to-face interaction.

bigbyte is happy to be home to various solutions to engage your team.


Desks On Demand 

Tired of being home?

bigbyte has multiple office environments to choose from to work from a more professional environment within the Innovation Corridor of New Mexico.

Use the space one time with a cross-connection to your IT stack or multiple times utilizing the coworking connections.


Collaboration Rooms

Whether it is an "all hands" meeting or a place to gather for lunch and face-to-face interactions, bigbyte has the space your team will feel like themselves again.

Master Hybrid Collaboration for a competitive edge

A hybrid cloud model combines the benefits of on-premises and public cloud, while hybrid collaboration enables the benefits of flexible working environments with spaces for teams to gather together.

 bigbyte can help your team master hybrid collaboration for a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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