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Our Tech Campus’ scalable workplace provides flexible, affordable office spaces, allowing employees to work from anywhere while connecting with colleagues remotely everywhere.

Our hybrid spaces provide a professional atmosphere to maximize the creativity and productivity of your time. These range from co-working cubicles and conference rooms to leasable singular office space for small users and start-ups to custom suites for clients with specific programming, enabling scalable growth.

Current users include post-production teams utilizing space on demand to managed service providers utilizing NOC space to service their clients.


Big Title


Helping you work anywhere

Whether your office is now a stack of machines in a server rack and your team is spread across the nation or simply working from everywhere in a full cloud environment, bigbyte's Tech Campus can be of service.

We offer multiple on-site conference rooms, training rooms, and event spaces that allow our clients to fully maximize the use of the building, including leveraging its extensive fiber networks to house their information technology infrastructure to connect directly to their stakeholders and beyond. Our Hybrid Workplace solutions are tailored to the needs of our clients, whatever the size and budget.


Our co-working spaces provide businesses with flexible and cost-effective access to a professional office environment. Whether you are a start-up looking for a short-term office solution or an established business needing actual office space for your team, our co-working areas offer an ideal solution while providing a collaborative and inspiring work environment. 

Flexibly scale your space to your needs with options ranging from a single cubicle to 150 sq ft to 15,000 sq ft contiguous

For Data Center options for your information technology environment know that bigbyte is a neutral site allowing for you to leverage existing relationships with providers or bigbyte can assist in connecting you to both experienced professionals and internet providers.

As part of our full Business Continuity Management Plan, our office space may be utilized in moments of crisis as command centers, emergency expansion space, staff relocation sites, or even ramp-up training local teams. See more about setting up a Disaster Recovery Plan.

Stadium Concrete Seats

Campus Amenities

  • Conference Rooms

  • Onsite Training Rooms

  • Event Space 

  • Extensive Fiber Networks 

  • Relaxation and Lactation Suites

  • Fiber and CAT6 Plant throughout the building to interconnect all spaces

  • Internet Connectivity via choice of Providers

  • On-site Secured Parking

  • Compliance Driven Data Center

Fingerprint Access

Secure Campus

Zoned physical and logical security means your staff and visitors have the access they need while operating in a secured building with security personnel 24/7. 

Our data center space is additionally secured with biometric & badge access points and fully monitored.

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