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PDF Download   Data Center - Build vs. Buy ***NEW***  

2014 -This whitepaper looks at True Cost of Ownership (TCO). Compare and contrast your options, should you build your own data center or buy data center services through a third party? We discuss the benefits of moving your capitol expenses over to operating expenses by co-locating your critical information.


PDF Download    'As-A-Service' - What does it all mean?

2013 - This whitepaper defines the often confusing "As-a-Service" models, who uses them, what they are best used for and how they fit into the modern cloud computing world. Clarifying many commonly asked questions regarding cloud services, cloud applications and cloud backup.


PDF Download     TeleHealth & Colocation

2013 -This whitepaper discusses the burgeoning and rapidly growing world of telecommunications in the Healthcare world and the role of redundant and reliable colocation. Critical in making telehealth conferencing a viable and easy consulting method for large and small interconnected healthcare providers.


PDF Download     Redundancy - The Power of Backup

2013 - This whitepaper tries to summarize the common reasons why we loose critical systems and outlines the proper management and backup of those computer systems that we use everyday.


PDF Download     Password Security - At Home and In the Workplace

2013 - This whitepaper covers the password security basics from best practices to intermediate and advanced password protection for your work and home information security. A MUST read!!


pdf icon     Business Continuity & Information Technology

2012 - This whitepaper discusses where to start when planning your business continuity for your critical and non-critical IT Systems. Sample business continuity worksheets are provided to assist in outlining your organizations information technology needs.


PDF Download     Disaster Recovery Scenarios

2011 - This whitepaper walks us through a few disaster scenarios to help you think through the recovery and backup of critical systems before, during and after a disaster occurs.


PDF Download     Understanding Audit Standards

2011 - This whitepaper defines the use and scope of common audits, including HIPPA, Sarbones-Oaxley, and SAS70. Resources for more information on these audits and others including the Information Systems Audit and Control Association.


PDF Download     What is Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery?

2011 - This whitepaper defines what business continuity and disaster recovery encompass within it's scope. Recommended reading for those who are just starting their business' disaster planning or those getting confused about these key terms.



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