"Without testing, the continuity plan is little more than an exercise in speculation - or even futility. After all, how else could an organization assess the effectiveness of a continuity plan, short of the 'ultimate' test - living through an actual disaster?"

- Philip Jan Rothstein, F.B.C.I., Management Consultant

Exercise Your Business Continuity Plan

  • The time table based on your uptime requirement
  • Real time walk through of your disaster recovery plan
  • Coordinated business continuity exercises

bigbyte.cc can facilitate a table top exercise of your Business Continuity Plan. On-site conference rooms and training rooms provide the needed space for business continuity planning, training and testing. bigbyte.cc has the space you need for your next Business Continuity training or exercise event, or audit review of your plan.

How does it work?

  • Exercising your plan gives your team a working knowledge of your plan. Your team can assist in finding the missing pieces that need to be put in place to ensure the continuity of your business.

Updating Your Plan

  • Is your plan current? As your business grows and changes so will your organizations needs. Exercising your plan regularly will ensure that all processes are current with your business continuity plan remains functional.

Audit Compliance

  • What standards should your plan meet to keep your business in compliance? Exercising your plan will show you realistic time lines so that you can determine if improvements need to be made to meet your compliance goals.

Business Continuity Scenarios