• Albuquerque THEN: 1927

    Albuquerque THEN: 1927

    These soon made way for a bank, hotels, cafés, tailors, curio shops, and laundries…

    Photo: NM Centennial Project
  • Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico is located in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico. At the base of the Sandia (watermelon) Mountains in the Rio Grande Valley.

    Located on Historic Route 66, our building site has a rich history…

    Photo: Mustache Studios, used with permission
  • Albuquerque THEN: 1882

    Albuquerque THEN: 1882

    Once known as Railroad Avenue, businesses that have set up shop on this building site include: The Boss Saloon, livestock quarters (liveries); wagon & harness shops; and warehouses for goods traveling across the country…

    Photo: NM Centennial Project

    We are conveniently located in Downtown Albuquerque on 1st Street between Copper and Central Ave. NW.

    Photo: sun mural, “Passing the Torch” viewed from the Gateway to the Downtown District on Historic Route 66.
  •’s Centralized Urban Location’s Centralized Urban Location is easily accessible from the Albuquerque International Sunport, and centrally located on two major highways, I-25 and I-40.

    Travel to and from Santa Fe is easy with access to NM Rail Runner Express at the Alvarado Transportation Center less than a block away!

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  • N+1 Power: Dual Utility Feeds N+1 Power: Dual Utility Feeds

    Utility feeds enter our building directly and pass through transformers that regulates the power and prevent surges from entering the interior power grid.

    • Over 150 Watts per square foot
    • Dual Utility Feeds from PNM

    Photo: ©
  • N+1 Power: Generator N+1 Power: Generator

    If a major power loss were to occur, our system automatically switches over to the on-site Generator, which has the ability to provide long term power.

    • Cummins Onan diesel engine
    • Over 1.5 Megawatts generated
    • Three week run time prior
    to refueling

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  • N+1 Power: Long Term Power N+1 Power: Long Term Power

    We keep three weeks supply of fuel on site and maintain fuel price contracts from local and national suppliers.

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  • N+1 Power: UPS N+1 Power: UPS

    Multiple On-site UPS Battery Banks prevent any downtime of vital systems during the transition from utility power to generator power.

    • Multiple UPS provisioning
    • Outside monitoring and
    • Over 30 minute capacity

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  • Connectivity: Dual Entrances Connectivity: Dual Entrances has dual entrances for fiber. We maintain internet connections provided by multiple Tier 1, 2, and 3 providers.

    Fiber, copper, DS3 Coaxial, Cat-6 cabling are kept at best practice standards throughout our building.

    Photo: ©
  • Connectivity: Carrier Neutral Connectivity: Carrier Neutral

    As a carrier neutral facility we are happy to invite any provider to offer their services to our clients.

    Providers that currently hold space on site are CityLink Dark Fiber, Century Link, TW Telecom, Verizon, Level 3 Communications, Lambda Rail and Cogent Communications.

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  • Connectivity: Copper Connectivity: Copper

    All in house copper cabling is a standard Cat-6 from the internet provider’s Point of Presence (POP) to the server racks in each of our Data Centers.

    Our MDF Room allows quick routing of internet service providers on-site if you decide to change services.

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  • Security Security

    Our security team is on-site 24/7/365. We employ badge readers and bio-metric access points throughout the building. Never worry about the safety of your personnel, your equipment, or your stored media.

    Our Guards patrol the building and parking lot hourly and are available to walk you to your car after hours, or greet you with a friendly smile.

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  • Public and Private Cabinets Public and Private Cabinets

    You decide how much space you want based on your needs and budget. Expansion is always an option. Each cabinet is individually locked and on its own power circuit.

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  • Private Cages Private Cages

    Flex Cages provide space for customers to design their own cabinet/rack space in our facility.

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  • Colocation: Custom Builds

    Colocation: Custom Builds

    Private rooms may be built out to your exact specifications. Our staff can provide “Best Practice” floor plans and layout configurations.

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  • Disaster Recovery Office Space Disaster Recovery Office Space

    We offer “Alternate Site” office space, and call centers with conference rooms and all the amenities. Seating is available for any disaster recovery situation.

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  • Technical Training Space- The Reef Room Technical Training Space- The Reef Room

    Our tech classroom is useful for classes, conferences, gatherings and a wide array of other purposes.

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    If you are interested in our facility, and would like to schedule a walk through tour, please feel free to contact us!

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