Disaster Scenarios

Business Continuity Exercise Scenarios

In the event of a disaster declaration your business continuity plan will ensure your daily operations are not interrupted. At the time of a confirmed declaration of disaster, bigbyte.cc building security and our Access Manager will be notified immediately. Your bigbyte.cc client Continuity Packet, will describe your organization-specific needs during a disaster. It is used by our staff and yours to move critical operations from your main site to your Alternate Site in our facility.

At the time of a confirmed declaration our client will also be assigned a Continuity Concierge. This individual will coordinate all your facility requirements, additional staffing needs on-site, and be on call for any special needs, from catering to transportation.

Below are some examples of reasons you may need an alternate site:


You pull up to your building and find it has been blocked off by the fire department. Someone working late in the suite next door burned popcorn in the microwave and set off the sprinkler system for the entire building.

All your computers and files are ruined, how are you going to work?

  • Call bigbyte.cc and we'll have your office space ready for you with your up to date systems and a hot cup of coffee!


The "New Guy" corrupted all of your onsite computer backups with an internet virus and lost all your critical data.

How are you going to work?

  • bigbyte.cc has your last uncorrupted backup on media disc in our vault and we'd be happy to deliver it!
  • Or, sync your onsite system with your server's housed at our facility.

Download our Whitepaper, Disaster Recovery Scenarios