Data Center - Buy vs. Build


When considering colocating your data center, first you must understand your technical needs and requirements. Successful colocation requires  planning and due diligence.This is accomplished via synthesizing current as well as future facility requirements, which also encompass audit requirements, security, redundancy, and server profiles.

Gathering this critical data ensures that you are able to contract with a facility that meets your requirements and delivers the services you need to support the growth of your organization.

Determining Your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

A data center is one of the most expensive pieces of any organization. It is vital to everyday operations from maintaining your Virtual Private Network (VPN) to data storage and backup. Costs typically effect multiple departments from IT /Networking to Facilities and Building Management.

Colocating within a data center may offer efficiency in your resiliency process by offering a turn key location for your equipment, redundant of power and environmental systems and lowered costs for power and cooling due to the shared cost of all clients.

Building a custom location may also provide the proper location for your equipment and help to support staff productivity and department growth.

“Other significant costs must also be included, such as architectural and engineering fees, interest during the construction phase, land, inert gas fire suppression costs, IT build-out costs for racks, cabling, internal routers and switches, point-of-presence connections, external networking and communications fees, electricity costs, security costs, and operations and maintenance costs for both IT and facilities.” 2


Defining the total cost of owning your own data center on premise versus maintaining your infrastructure off premises is crucial to moving your IT plans forward. Approaching the design of this equation will permit the most logical decision for your organization to buy (lease) or build data center facilities.

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