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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

Every business, large or small, should have a plan in place in case of an emergency. What will you do if a natural disaster strikes? Who will be in charge? These are questions bigbyte.cc can help you answer, as we work with you to create step-by-step procedures to assure your business remains un-interrupted during a crisis.

bigbyte.cc staff will help you develop a business continuity plan or review your existing plan.  Having an outside source to review your plans can establish a broader view and assist in finding any possible discrepancies or overlaps. bigbyte.cc can work with your Business Continuity Manager to establish a scenario and time table to achieve your goals.


  • Review of existing plans
  • Table Top exercises of plans and participants
  • Review disaster scenarios that are probable for your region

Through evaluations, excersizing, and collaboration we work to augment your IT and business continuity personnel to ensure your data systems and personnel achieve their goals for compliance and uptime.


  • Reviewing your existing plan will help to ensure that every department has the most current plan, that contacts are up-to-date, that any and all compliance issues are met and that the plan is understandable and workable.


  • A review can be done on a company wide plan or plans by department. However your company plan is set up, bigbyte.cc can assist in review.


  • bigbyte.cc staff will work in close relationship with your Business Continuity Manager for clarification of any questions that should arise during the review.


  • bigbyte.cc will provide a full report of our findings from the review, and will provide suggestions for possible improvement, and work with you to set up a plan exercise.


Are You Ready for a Disaster?

What critical systems do you need in the first 24 hours?Define your needs, list your it systems and programs and get a head start on the first steps in creating your business continuity planning

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