Cloud Computing

cloud computing

Where does your cloud live?

What is Cloud Computing? 

Cloud computing refers to a storage database accessible from a networked computer. offers a high tech data center capabilities to house the equipment for your corporations private cloud storage. 

When considering a cloud solution for your business you must first examine your needs. At you may operate your own equipment, supported by our facility's infrastructure or contract with a hosted cloud provider within our data center.

What is your company’s security demand and how may that dictate your cloud selection?

There are three main types of clouds for cloud-computing:
  1. Private cloud - Used mainly by corporations
  2. Public cloud - Used by most Individuals via public applications
  3. Community cloud - Used by colleges, message boards and forums

Unfortunately, the more diversified the people are who are using the cloud the less secure the cloud.

Of course there are hybrid clouds which are mixtures of public and private cloud applications. Maybe your firm uses online storage as a private virtualized network for multiple locations to utilize a common infrastructure.

Let's start by reviewing some more common questions:

What is your providers' uptime guarantee?  

  • At we guarantee 100% uptime, which we back with fully redundant (N+1) capabilities for power, connectivity, and climate controls.

Will you need access to the equipment for upgrades and maintenance?

  • When maintaining a private or hybrid cloud environment, your equipment uptime is paramount. At, you may access your physical equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Our out of area clients will be happy to know, we are centrally located and just minutes from the International airport as well as the train and bus stations.

Do you need on-site support?

  • offers 24/7 on-site support techs which can be reached by telephone and email to assist you when you can not be here yourself.

Who is the bandwidth provider?

  • is carrier neutral, which means we have multiple bandwidth providers available, so you may choose the best service and price to fit your needs.

Is your data safe?

  • Security is a key question when defining your cloud computing needs. When choosing a location for your cloud applications, careful consideration should be given to physical security and ability to produce a detailed access audit trail.
  • utilizes video surveillance, biometric and badge scanning access points and physical security staff to keep you and your equipment safe.


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